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Effective Business Advertising Uses OOH

For those looking to formulate their plan for business advertising in Maryland, the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) makes a good case for billboards. Please read on for more information.

Why Billboards?

Roadside signs that advertise businesses have been around for centuries, the precursor for brand-building marketing. With the advent of motor vehicles in the early 20th century, billboards became effective means to promote businesses, especially along the car-friendly roadways of the United States.

Billboards have transformed over the years, and now many use digital formats to make the format even more versatile and cost-effective. Billboards and other outdoor advertising, together known as out of home (OOH) marketing, are now a multi-billion-dollar business.

An Analysis

With the introduction of digital out of home marketing, this media format continues its effectiveness, bringing customers into restaurants, promoting events, and driving real traffic to businesses. Billboards still dominate the OOH industry, making up two-thirds of advertising revenue. This is unsurprising, as Americans spend a disproportionate time in their vehicles.

A study done by Texas State analyzes case studies from across the US, in different markets, to establish how effectively OOH ads reach consumers. The OAAA compiled data that shows key performance indicators:

  • Store Visits: increased by 50- 127%.

  • Purchase Consideration: purchase consideration averaged 6-20%.

  • Purchase Intent: increased purchase intent by 10-35%.

  • Ad Recall: raised customer ad awareness by 13- 66%.

With the OOH industry embracing digital technology and using data from smartphones, advertisers are now better able to understand its impact. Cuebiq, an intelligence and measurement company, analyzed foot traffic into grocery stores in three major markets, finding that over double the number who saw the OOH ads visited the stores, with 43% of those seeing the ads visiting the store within three days of viewing.

Effective Out of Home Business Advertising in Maryland

Utilizing billboard business advertising in Maryland makes sense for those seeking to support their business brand-building in the Baltimore metro area. With well-placed digital sign locations that optimize views along major commuter routes, Vision Outdoor MD offers both long-term and short-term advertising opportunities for businesses of all sizes. We welcome local, regional, and national advertising with flexible plans to meet the needs of any business. Contact us today to learn more!

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